You know the friendship is real if……

Part 3 of my post marathon reflections... training teaches you lots about yourself & your running buddies during training - and even more so during a stupidly hot race in drought conditions! So, how do you know if your running buddies are just that, or if they are proper, hardcore friends? Ticking more than three… Continue reading You know the friendship is real if……


Phase Two – a work in progress

Phew... so, week two of 2017 and week two of Phase Two. Currently I am on day 3 of abstinence from any form of refined sugar. In case you're wondering, yes, I have a headache! I am also in the grip of premature Maranoia. I have heard of this state but never experienced it - clearly 1/2… Continue reading Phase Two – a work in progress


And then it went wrong…………

Increasing mileage has been on the training plan for the last couple of months. Although not 'properly' marathon training yet (that starts towards the end of the year) I have been training for a half so it's been essential to be more structured and do more than just a pootle around 6 miles at a… Continue reading And then it went wrong…………


Rants and Raves

Right, first up is full disclosure… I have stolen this format directly from AnnatheApple whose blog I follow and love the read when I can…. I admit that this tends to be in fits and starts where I’ll catch up on weeks at a time! I’m going to start with a couple of topical rants.… Continue reading Rants and Raves


Getting Technical!

With 12 weeks until my first real* race in quite some time, the training has now started in earnest. At the start of January I had intended to use a beginners training plan. Being fully aware that I NEVER cut myself any slack, I figured that aiming low would mean I couldn’t beat myself up… Continue reading Getting Technical!


Endure24 The Second Year Part 3

The Team Somehow I found myself in the peculiar position of 'Team Captain' of a ladies 8 team. It kind of happened by accident. When Endure fever hit the running club, teams were being formed left, right and centre. Being of, at best, average ability I wasn't exactly sought after - bringing back memories of… Continue reading Endure24 The Second Year Part 3


Bubble, bubble, streeeetch

I'm going to restrict myself to one blog post per week on Tri training for now. I don't want to bore people and I'm sure there'll be more to say as the event gets closer. Training this weekend was swim & bike. I'm trying not to freak out about the fact that this means I… Continue reading Bubble, bubble, streeeetch


Ups and Downs… then Ups again

So after proudly completing some early morning workouts recently and seeing it as a way forward, things went a little awry last week. I did manage one early session and then later in the week I managed a decent run, core workout and stretch session before heading out for an afternoon at the races with… Continue reading Ups and Downs… then Ups again


Wyvern 10km 2014 – a Marshals Perspective

6.30am on a warm Sunday morning and the alarm is going. The kids are asleep yet I'm getting up.. And I'm excited to be doing so. I look forward to races but I get very nervous and apply massive pressure to myself. Today I'm not racing, the Wyvern 10km is the Hedgies race and we… Continue reading Wyvern 10km 2014 – a Marshals Perspective


Endure24 – a slightly delayed overview

I'm writing this with the benefit of rose tinted hindsight specs having headed straight for a week in the sun not less than 24 hours after the mudfest that was Endure24 2014! This is simply the overview.. I have SO many posts in mind coming from the whole experience.... so here goes.. It's the last weekend in… Continue reading Endure24 – a slightly delayed overview