Being you – but bolder!

When hundreds of women get together with just jewellery in common, amazing things can happen!

Live, Sparkle

Introducing Stella & Dot

Because I'm not busy enough (!!) I have embarked on a small business venture over the last few weeks. Having always been a bit of a magpie and yearned for an outlet for my (limited) creativity. Over the years I've dabbled in beauty (well, technically just nails), and always fancied pursuing something in the fashion… Continue reading Introducing Stella & Dot


Unnecessary and Inconvenient!

I may have (actually I know I have!) mentioned before but I am a lousy nurse and an even lousier sick person. This post is coming from the comfort of my sofa. I am wearing my slobbiest clothes and am surrounded by tissues, drinks and the remote control. And I feel.... shocking. Now, the point… Continue reading Unnecessary and Inconvenient!


Capsule Wardrobe – realistic to achieve or unachievable fantasy?

I love clothes. Okay, I grant you, that may not be immediately obvious just by looking at me, but I do. However, I tend to feel like I'm constantly seeking to achieve a style which is juuust out of reach... I know what I want but can't quite seem to get it right. There's many… Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe – realistic to achieve or unachievable fantasy?