Bubble, bubble, streeeetch

I’m going to restrict myself to one blog post per week on Tri training for now. I don’t want to bore people and I’m sure there’ll be more to say as the event gets closer.

Training this weekend was swim & bike. I’m trying not to freak out about the fact that this means I am two runs down on my HM training!!

Today was a coached swim session. I was looking forward to this one more than previous ones. Not least as I’ve been practising so felt a whisker more confident than previously!

The session was a mix of drills which I find tougher than just swimming. However, I did take away a phrase that ‘may’ have resolved my rythmn issue. The recommendation is to repeat (in my head) bubble, bubble, stretch. This means I remember to give myself a short glide during which I breathe. It seemed to help today so I’ll try it and see how I go.

Having remembered to pack talc to ease the donning of the Lycra post swim, I appeared ready to ride looking a tad ghostly… I got talc everywhere!! But at least I’d got into the Lycra with relative ease and no swearing!


Not yet brave enough to give group 2 a go, I headed out with group 1 for around an hour or so. (For reference, our Tri club cycle groups are defined as; Group 1, Group 2 or Dribbling Mess… Us Hedgies don’t like to take things too seriously!).

It was cold. Really cold. I spent the first 10 minutes or so arguing with my legs due to their reluctance to turn. But then I got into it, we got on a nice bit of road and we got a bit of speed up. After a mile we passed a group of early morning marathon training Hedgies on their way back from their LSR so it was good to give a few shouts of encouragement.

Continuing on our way the ride was fairly uneventful (with the notable exception of some numpty in a pick up style 4×4 almost taking me clean out!). We took a lovely route through Fair Oak, Lower Upham, Bishops Waltham and Botley before heading back.

Somewhere between Bishops Waltham and Botley I became aware of a vice like headache. Caused by the cold or something else I don’t know but it has persisted all day!

By the end of the ride I had got 15 miles. My longest ever ride. We’d taken some great hills in on the route and I am really getting a taste for whizzing downhill as fast as possible!

Back home, daughter 1 was still feeling poorly. Such a shame I was forced to snuggle up with her… I might have had a little nap!!

Coming up this week it’s back to running & swimming. My pattern will be mixed up a bit owing to childcare (or lack of it!) so the torch is on charge as I predict some early or late running is on the cards.

As ever, if you’ve got this far and haven’t dozed off, well done! I’d love to hear how your training is going.


1 thought on “Bubble, bubble, streeeetch”

  1. That’s one of the big things I really struggle with with cycling: the cold. You just don’t warm up like you do with running. Hence my lack of cycling over winter! I’m definitely a fair weather cyclist! I will get back to it when it’s warmer but for now I just have no desire whatsoever. Sounds like you’re really doing well though will the swimming and cycling – nice!


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