The Final Countdown

Eeek, that makes things sound WAAAAY more serious than they actually are. It is in fact, the final countdown to a few things just about now. Most notably, my first born baby is off to school in a little under 2 weeks. How is that even possible? We've bought the uniform, had shoes fitted, arranged… Continue reading The Final Countdown


Ups and Downs… then Ups again

So after proudly completing some early morning workouts recently and seeing it as a way forward, things went a little awry last week. I did manage one early session and then later in the week I managed a decent run, core workout and stretch session before heading out for an afternoon at the races with… Continue reading Ups and Downs… then Ups again


My week in pictures!

A delicious snuggle with my little squidgy! As said squidgy had woken me up super early I made the most of it. Workout done, showered & dressed by 6.10am followed by porridge with Chia seeds, fresh coffee and a good glug of water! Everyone loves bananas! Second workout of the day done.. And these beauties… Continue reading My week in pictures!