The drugs don’t work…..

Or do they? Fear not, I am talking strictly legal, prescription meds that keep me from being a total fruit loop..... or maybe they just reduce my fruit loopiness a bit! I had resigned myself to just sticking with the meds. A few failed attempts to reduce them had rocked my confidence and I felt… Continue reading The drugs don’t work…..


Progression time

Happy days - after a series of relatively pain free runs, and a level of training consistency being achieved, I feel like it's time to start (gently) upping the miles. My aim is to move from my current 6-9 miles a week to 17ish by the end of the year. That should put me in… Continue reading Progression time


More about Hydro

My last post briefly touched on the new Hydro classes being offered by Virgin Active. I've spoken to a lot of people who have been curious about the classes so thought I'd expand on it a little. Firstly, this is NOT "Aquafit". Any thoughts you may have about this being water aerobics are wrong... very,… Continue reading More about Hydro