Rants and Raves

Right, first up is full disclosure… I have stolen this format directly from AnnatheApple whose blog I follow and love the read when I can…. I admit that this tends to be in fits and starts where I’ll catch up on weeks at a time! I’m going to start with a couple of topical rants.… Continue reading Rants and Raves


What a week!

This last week was a random mix of loveliness and whatever the complete opposite would be called! And through the week I had a number of ideas for blogs... None of which I wrote down and so, of course, none of which I can now remember! On Thursday I was hugely surprised to hear that… Continue reading What a week!


Getting Technical!

With 12 weeks until my first real* race in quite some time, the training has now started in earnest. At the start of January I had intended to use a beginners training plan. Being fully aware that I NEVER cut myself any slack, I figured that aiming low would mean I couldn’t beat myself up… Continue reading Getting Technical!