Why Run Live and Sparkle?

Mud 2


There’s nothing terribly unusual about me. I’m your average Mum to two young girls.

I run – these days quite a lot more than I used to. I work – seemingly 24 hours a day. And I live for my family.

That said, this blog will, without doubt, see me moaning about all of the above. You see, however much I adore them, they are absolutely all consuming and frequently they, and my husband, drive me stark staring bonkers!

I mostly blog to make sense of things in my life and to keep myself on track with my various goals. Sometimes I hear that I have inspired, encouraged or motivated someone else to strive for their own goals and that makes me happy.

I am unapologetic about my struggles with becoming a Mum, for my battles with post natal depression and, indeed for anything else people may find hard to read about.

So that’s the run and live… the SPARKLE?

I think I turned a corner recently. I feel I have got a bit of my old sparkly self back recently – it’s been a while since I felt that and long may it last!!

Plus, not being busy enough (!) I have ┬árecently embarked on a venture as an independent stylist in my ‘spare’ time. I’m a magpie and now I am helping other ladies to share my love of all that sparkles!!

All of it makes me who I am – nobody special, just me doing the best I can!

If you want to keep up to date just sign up here.

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