Live, Sparkle

What almost happened…..

I know - no posts for AGES at the end of last year. Basically, life went a bit crazy. House move, puppy, the unending demands of school in the winter term and, of course, Christmas. Speaking of which, I wish you all a VERY Happy New Year. One other thing that almost happened last year… Continue reading What almost happened…..


“Don’t worry, you’re perfectly normal”

Ordinarily, those are words you'd be happy to hear. But what if you're hearing those words and, instead of bringing comfort, they just add to your despair. Despair is a strong word, but in the case of 'today' it is absolutely on point. You see today was a worse than usual bad morning in our… Continue reading “Don’t worry, you’re perfectly normal”


Getting my run on (again)….

To say my relationship with running has been a bit hit and miss since Brighton would be a massive understatement. Having had a course of acupuncture which resulted in a huge reduction in pain from my Achilles as well as increased flexibility in my ankle, I expected just to lace up my trainers a trot… Continue reading Getting my run on (again)….


What nobody tells you about having children……

Forget the birthing horror stories… here are some of the realities of having children that not one single person tells you before you make ‘that’ life choice! The ‘Stroppy Sevens ‘ are an actual thing and they are WAAAAAAY harder to deal with than the terrible twos or threenagers! We are currently living the ‘Stroppy… Continue reading What nobody tells you about having children……


When parenting gets serious…..

Okay - I know that it's generally a pretty serious business raising small, completely dependent people into decent, kind and considerate members of society who will (hopefully) look after us in our old age. There are challenges every single day from the second they arrive into your life and things will NEVER be the same… Continue reading When parenting gets serious…..