M minus 6 days….

That’s it…. Last ‘long’ taper run completed and now the final countdown to marathon day.

It’s a funny situation to be in. Just a few days from doing a distance I always swore I had no interest in doing… ever! Yet here I am and, dare I say it, I feel ready.

I would even go so far as to say I’ve enjoyed the training….. but nobody is allowed to remind me I said that!

That’s not to say it hasn’t been hard going. It really has. Juggling a young family, house renovations, a full time job and marathon training has taken a single mindedness and determination that I didn’t realise I possessed. It has also made me a little hard to live with sometimes… Tired, hungry, emotional, maranoid, tired and, did I mention tired?

Some things happened that I didn’t expect, and some things that I did expect (hope!) to happen, didn’t. I imagined that by this point I’d be so svelte I’d be trotting round Brighton on race day sporting a crop top. Actually, that is a COMPLETE. LIE. I can’t imagine anything less likely, ever. But I had thought I’d have dropped a bit of weight through the training. But then I hadn’t factored in the runger…. Dear Lord….. ALWAYS HUNGRY!

I also hadn’t imagined that this close to the day I wouldn’t be worrying about the 26.2 miles looming ahead because I’m too worried that my stubborn, willful 3 year old is going to get lost on race day. Or that my husband won’t be able to find somewhere to park (‘we’ took an executive decision not to book the park and ride)…..

My plan for this week is to eat well, hydrate, pack my bag and sleep as much as I possibly can.

Bring on Brighton!


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