If you always do what you’ve always done….

You'll always get what you've always got.... Easy to say but making changes is often not the easiest thing to actually do. Recently (there's a blog coming up about running will also relate to this!) I've been trying to reflect on what is really behind my seemingly unstoppable ability to self sabotage all and any… Continue reading If you always do what you’ve always done….


You know the friendship is real if……

Part 3 of my post marathon reflections... training teaches you lots about yourself & your running buddies during training - and even more so during a stupidly hot race in drought conditions! So, how do you know if your running buddies are just that, or if they are proper, hardcore friends? Ticking more than three… Continue reading You know the friendship is real if……


What marathon training has taught me

It's fair to say that when I signed up for this year's Brighton Marathon I did off the back of a friend of mine completing it against the odds. I won't share the details of her story but suffice to say, she overcame MASSIVE obstacles during her training, didn't complete it in the way she had… Continue reading What marathon training has taught me


Pushing on

Whoop! Longest run since October and I'm running with Iron Man... actually, my running buddy for today is WAY bigger a hero than Iron Man.  First up, Keith... aka Iron Man. Genuinely one of the most encouraging people I ever have met. Historically Keith has helped me get confident on my road bike, made sure… Continue reading Pushing on


At last….. a long run!

I say at last as just yesterday I was talking abut the demotivating influence of the heat! However, last weekend I made it out for (by my recent standards) a long run. Hooray! Many of my club mates are training for the Bournemouth Marathon and I am in total awe at their commitment and ability.… Continue reading At last….. a long run!