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Is it time to just quit?

If you're a regular reader then you'll be used to reading my running ups and downs.. However, they have now hit a new low.... or maybe it's not a low but a recognition of a longer term underlying 'issue'. Post marathon it's been easy to avoid running, citing my injury needed rest and later that… Continue reading Is it time to just quit?


Jelly Babies 

A short observation from my marathon and previous half marathons. One of the highlights of road races, especially the larger races, is the on course support. If you're a supporter please don't underestimate the positive impact you have! However, jelly babies?? Seriously?? WTAF is that all about? I don't mean to sound ungrateful but please,… Continue reading Jelly Babies 


You know the friendship is real if……

Part 3 of my post marathon reflections... training teaches you lots about yourself & your running buddies during training - and even more so during a stupidly hot race in drought conditions! So, how do you know if your running buddies are just that, or if they are proper, hardcore friends? Ticking more than three… Continue reading You know the friendship is real if……


Shot blocks… an accidental English lesson! 

So here's the thing, in training you practice your nutrition.. after all you never want to try something new on race day!  I've tried gels in the past. Each to their own but to me they were like oddly flavoured warm snot and they disagreed with my tummy! The thought of using them to get… Continue reading Shot blocks… an accidental English lesson! 


Brighton Marathon – a review

I fully intend to revisit the topic of my first marathon, or at least different aspects of it, over a few blog posts. There is just too much to say on too many different issues to cover it all in one post. For now, let’s look at the high level view. It was hot –… Continue reading Brighton Marathon – a review


What marathon training has taught me

It's fair to say that when I signed up for this year's Brighton Marathon I did off the back of a friend of mine completing it against the odds. I won't share the details of her story but suffice to say, she overcame MASSIVE obstacles during her training, didn't complete it in the way she had… Continue reading What marathon training has taught me


Pushing on

Whoop! Longest run since October and I'm running with Iron Man... actually, my running buddy for today is WAY bigger a hero than Iron Man.  First up, Keith... aka Iron Man. Genuinely one of the most encouraging people I ever have met. Historically Keith has helped me get confident on my road bike, made sure… Continue reading Pushing on