Jelly Babies 

A short observation from my marathon and previous half marathons.

One of the highlights of road races, especially the larger races, is the on course support. If you’re a supporter please don’t underestimate the positive impact you have!

However, jelly babies?? Seriously?? WTAF is that all about? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but please, spectators, ditch the JBs!

Look at them, they are covered in some kind of unidentifiable white powder.. consider the dryness that means for a distance runner!! 

And they’re pretty tough to chew… the runners have to run, breathe and now chew mouth cloggingly dry jelly babies without choking.

And exactly how many sweaty (& who knows what else) covered hands have dipped in the bowl already?  🤢

Honestly, if you want to help runners… bring on the oranges! 

The highlight of my entire marathon was spying a supporter from another Hampshire running club handing out orange segments… easy to bite, refreshing, juicy… 

The only disappointment was that nobody else around the course had oranges!! 

So remember, next time you’re supporting a race… forget the powder coated jelly babies and bring on the orange segments!!! 


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