Fight for your right…..

Tired of being tired and pushing for answers after years of feeling below par.. Will going private help find the answers?


“Don’t worry, you’re perfectly normal”

Ordinarily, those are words you'd be happy to hear. But what if you're hearing those words and, instead of bringing comfort, they just add to your despair. Despair is a strong word, but in the case of 'today' it is absolutely on point. You see today was a worse than usual bad morning in our… Continue reading “Don’t worry, you’re perfectly normal”


If you always do what you’ve always done….

You'll always get what you've always got.... Easy to say but making changes is often not the easiest thing to actually do. Recently (there's a blog coming up about running will also relate to this!) I've been trying to reflect on what is really behind my seemingly unstoppable ability to self sabotage all and any… Continue reading If you always do what you’ve always done….