Tri, Tri and (maybe) Tri again…

Last weekend saw me complete my second ever triathlon. And man alive it was tough. I’d entered it off the back of the high at completing the Mayday Tri and with high expectations of training hard through the summer and improve my performance – if not my times, then certainly the pain experienced actually participating….… Continue reading Tri, Tri and (maybe) Tri again…


Back on it

Whoop!! A full week back training! As of Saturday before last I still felt ropey so I was unsure. However, deciding to dose up with paracetamol and give it a go, I figured I couldn't end up feel any worse than I already was. Never had a I anticipated waking up and actually feeling better (though admittedly… Continue reading Back on it


Another week bites the dust….

** Spoiler Alert** If you're bored of hearing how rubbish this lurgy is.... look away now! Yes, it is still lingering on... and aside from actually having the energy to get dressed and go to work to cough and sneeze instead of languishing on the sofa, I'm actually not feeling much better! I don't recall ever having… Continue reading Another week bites the dust….


Bubble, bubble, streeeetch

I'm going to restrict myself to one blog post per week on Tri training for now. I don't want to bore people and I'm sure there'll be more to say as the event gets closer. Training this weekend was swim & bike. I'm trying not to freak out about the fact that this means I… Continue reading Bubble, bubble, streeeetch


Stepping it up a gear

With Christmas well and truly behind us and the (marginally) lighter evenings creeping in, I have been ramping up the training. Now, before you go expecting amazing things, this is ramping up a la Liz! But before I go there…. Lets explore this… This week I had the always exciting arrival of a box from… Continue reading Stepping it up a gear