Welcome to Overwhelm…

Please drive carefully. Beware of bumps in the road, curve balls and woods so dense you can't see the trees! In the three weeks since my last post (the one where I sounded motivated to run again!) I have been struggling. Seriously struggling. I knew the period after the (abandoned) Southampton HM would be tough… Continue reading Welcome to Overwhelm…


Endure24 The Second Year Part 3

The Team Somehow I found myself in the peculiar position of 'Team Captain' of a ladies 8 team. It kind of happened by accident. When Endure fever hit the running club, teams were being formed left, right and centre. Being of, at best, average ability I wasn't exactly sought after - bringing back memories of… Continue reading Endure24 The Second Year Part 3

Live, Run

Endure24 The Second Year Part 2

The Running.. Ok, so technically the whole point of Endure is the running... Except it's not, not really! But to get it done... Here's how the running went. I really wanted to do 4 laps. I managed three last year before my hip declined to participate any further. Sadly the same happened this year and… Continue reading Endure24 The Second Year Part 2


Endure24 The Second Year Part 1

   Once upon a time (& in fact even earlier this year at Common People) these flags would have meant I was at a festival and looking forward to a sleepless weekend of fun and beer! Aside from the beer, and contrary to what my non running friends think, this weekend was just that. A… Continue reading Endure24 The Second Year Part 1


Endure24 – a slightly delayed overview

I'm writing this with the benefit of rose tinted hindsight specs having headed straight for a week in the sun not less than 24 hours after the mudfest that was Endure24 2014! This is simply the overview.. I have SO many posts in mind coming from the whole experience.... so here goes.. It's the last weekend in… Continue reading Endure24 – a slightly delayed overview


A point well made!

So, picture the scene. It's early in the new year, your life has been less than sparkly shiny for a fair while. You desperately need to take some time out from everything and get your head together. But being the highly responsible, completely dependable (and dull) person you are, you can’t just clear off for… Continue reading A point well made!