(Most) People don’t need free Calpol

A Mum's Facebook post about free Calpol and other first aid essentials for children has gone viral this week. The BBC have talked about it and opinion is massively divided on it. So I thought I'd chuck my 2 pennies into the debate! Firstly, the mum who started to hoo haa wasn't completely accurate in… Continue reading (Most) People don’t need free Calpol


I don’t know how they do it……

.... who? Them... you know, the ones that keep their shit together ALL.THE.TIME! The ones with the immaculately turned out kids (to match their own immaculate states of dress), the ones with the kids who never misbehave, who are always cool, calm and collected - not run-walking everywhere whilst dragging half dressed kids with snot… Continue reading I don’t know how they do it……


I tri’d!!

   Last weekend I finally completed something I have been working towards since last September. Regular readers will know that my training has been shocking this year for a number of reasons so, I can't lie, I approached this with some trepidation. I had already abandoned running the Southampton HM as I felt the need… Continue reading I tri’d!!