Getting my run on (again)….

To say my relationship with running has been a bit hit and miss since Brighton would be a massive understatement. Having had a course of acupuncture which resulted in a huge reduction in pain from my Achilles as well as increased flexibility in my ankle, I expected just to lace up my trainers a trot… Continue reading Getting my run on (again)….


Phase Two – a work in progress

Phew... so, week two of 2017 and week two of Phase Two. Currently I am on day 3 of abstinence from any form of refined sugar. In case you're wondering, yes, I have a headache! I am also in the grip of premature Maranoia. I have heard of this state but never experienced it - clearly 1/2… Continue reading Phase Two – a work in progress


And then it went wrong…………

Increasing mileage has been on the training plan for the last couple of months. Although not 'properly' marathon training yet (that starts towards the end of the year) I have been training for a half so it's been essential to be more structured and do more than just a pootle around 6 miles at a… Continue reading And then it went wrong…………


Mile Reps – that I can’t quite believe happened…

Sorry for another dull running post but I feel refreshed to be able to share positives after a whole year of running related disappointment! Last night was mile reps at club. Designed as a short but intensive session you basically run a mile at your 'best 5km pace' take 1 or 2 minutes to recover… Continue reading Mile Reps – that I can’t quite believe happened…


Trust in the plan – halfway to the Half

By sheer coincidence I decided to do a HM training recap today and, on checking the countdown, I find that I’m halfway through already! Touch wood that the progress continues to go as well as the first 6 weeks have gone.. I haven’t missed a single scheduled run (although I have tweaked the plan from… Continue reading Trust in the plan – halfway to the Half


Getting Technical!

With 12 weeks until my first real* race in quite some time, the training has now started in earnest. At the start of January I had intended to use a beginners training plan. Being fully aware that I NEVER cut myself any slack, I figured that aiming low would mean I couldn’t beat myself up… Continue reading Getting Technical!


Keeping my eye on the prize

Nothing quite like rocking up for a Half Marathon having not run more than 8 miles in the last five months, 10 miles in the last year AAAAAND having had over a month off due to illness.. Underprepared is one way to describe it! However, this was the first Hampton Court Palace HM and the medal… Continue reading Keeping my eye on the prize


Just a quickie!

This week the tri training update couldn't be shorter! The girls have over shared their germs and, other than a swim session, training has been non existent! The good news though, is that the first attempt at a structured training session saw me knock around 3 mins off my tri distance swim time.... I do… Continue reading Just a quickie!


Talking (big) pants, falling over and running up hill!

A flashback to how I was feeling in November 2013... How's everyone's training going? For me, I've had something of a breakthrough this week… well, more than one I guess. Firstly, two of my runs this week have felt faster.. sadly they weren't but the fact they felt it tells me I'm feeling stronger and… Continue reading Talking (big) pants, falling over and running up hill!