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Is it time to just quit?

If you're a regular reader then you'll be used to reading my running ups and downs.. However, they have now hit a new low.... or maybe it's not a low but a recognition of a longer term underlying 'issue'. Post marathon it's been easy to avoid running, citing my injury needed rest and later that… Continue reading Is it time to just quit?


What marathon training has taught me

It's fair to say that when I signed up for this year's Brighton Marathon I did off the back of a friend of mine completing it against the odds. I won't share the details of her story but suffice to say, she overcame MASSIVE obstacles during her training, didn't complete it in the way she had… Continue reading What marathon training has taught me


Pushing on

Whoop! Longest run since October and I'm running with Iron Man... actually, my running buddy for today is WAY bigger a hero than Iron Man.  First up, Keith... aka Iron Man. Genuinely one of the most encouraging people I ever have met. Historically Keith has helped me get confident on my road bike, made sure… Continue reading Pushing on


Phase Two – a work in progress

Phew... so, week two of 2017 and week two of Phase Two. Currently I am on day 3 of abstinence from any form of refined sugar. In case you're wondering, yes, I have a headache! I am also in the grip of premature Maranoia. I have heard of this state but never experienced it - clearly 1/2… Continue reading Phase Two – a work in progress

Live, Run

Mind the Gap!

It is instinctive for most people to expect others to live up (or down) to their own standards. At least, I think it is… It’s the old adage of treating others how you would like to be treated yourself. I have no idea if that’s still a common thing to teach children, although I do… Continue reading Mind the Gap!


Training for Marathon Training

Having taken a step back, this week hails the start of training for the marathon training. Apparently it is a mere 164 days until Brighton Marathon. In case you were wondering, that's a smidge over 23 weeks... and that is, frankly, terrifying! But I'm not panicking. Due to having a niggly right arse cheek which… Continue reading Training for Marathon Training


And then it went wrong…………

Increasing mileage has been on the training plan for the last couple of months. Although not 'properly' marathon training yet (that starts towards the end of the year) I have been training for a half so it's been essential to be more structured and do more than just a pootle around 6 miles at a… Continue reading And then it went wrong…………


Welcome to Overwhelm…

Please drive carefully. Beware of bumps in the road, curve balls and woods so dense you can't see the trees! In the three weeks since my last post (the one where I sounded motivated to run again!) I have been struggling. Seriously struggling. I knew the period after the (abandoned) Southampton HM would be tough… Continue reading Welcome to Overwhelm…


Mile Reps – that I can’t quite believe happened…

Sorry for another dull running post but I feel refreshed to be able to share positives after a whole year of running related disappointment! Last night was mile reps at club. Designed as a short but intensive session you basically run a mile at your 'best 5km pace' take 1 or 2 minutes to recover… Continue reading Mile Reps – that I can’t quite believe happened…