Great South Run 2014 Part one. The Race

Having missed the Great South Run for the last couple of years, I was looking forward to this years’ event. It’s always a great atmosphere and there were a good few fellow Hedgies running. I’d had a bit of a break from racing after a disastrous few races in the early summer… Heat and running… Continue reading Great South Run 2014 Part one. The Race


A little role reversal..

Last week saw a shift in the usual 'way of things' in our house. For the first time since having the girls I was off for a few days with work while Daddy played primary carer. As I sneaked out of the house at a bit before 5.30am last Wednesday I had a little tear… Continue reading A little role reversal..

Live, Run

When is a Crisis not a Crisis?

Regular readers and personal friends will know that I am DREADING the turning of another decade later this year. I’m not coping well at all and to be honest, I don’t really know why. It’s not like I think that all my (many) friends already in ‘that decade’ are over the hill. In fact, far… Continue reading When is a Crisis not a Crisis?