Tri, Tri and (maybe) Tri again…

Last weekend saw me complete my second ever triathlon. And man alive it was tough. I’d entered it off the back of the high at completing the Mayday Tri and with high expectations of training hard through the summer and improve my performance – if not my times, then certainly the pain experienced actually participating….… Continue reading Tri, Tri and (maybe) Tri again…


Are you Tricurious?

I’ve never written a book review before so was very excited to be asked to do so for Tricurious by Laura Fountain and Katie King. It took me a little while to realise that I had already been following Laura’s blog (Lazy Girl Running) for a while! Unlike other books of its genre, I found… Continue reading Are you Tricurious?


At last….. a long run!

I say at last as just yesterday I was talking abut the demotivating influence of the heat! However, last weekend I made it out for (by my recent standards) a long run. Hooray! Many of my club mates are training for the Bournemouth Marathon and I am in total awe at their commitment and ability.… Continue reading At last….. a long run!