Why Run Live and Sparkle?

Mud 2


There’s nothing terribly unusual about me. I’m your average Mum to two young girls.

I run – these days quite a lot more than I used to. I work – seemingly 24 hours a day. And I live for my family.

That said, this blog will, without doubt, see me moaning about all of the above. Because, however much I adore them, they are absolutely all consuming and frequently they, and my husband, drive me stark staring bonkers!

I mostly blog to make sense of things in my life and to keep myself on track with my various goals. Sometimes I hear that I have inspired, encouraged or motivated someone else to strive for their own goals and that makes me happy.

I am unapologetic about my struggles with becoming a Mum, for my battles with post natal depression and, indeed for anything else people may find hard to read about.

So that’s the run and live… the SPARKLE?

Not being busy enough (!) I recently embarked on a new journey which I could never have imagined myself doing.

In my ‘spare’ time, I run my own fashion and accessory business as an independent stylist. I’m a magpie and I came to Stella & Dot for the jewellery… But I’ve stayed because the community of women and the ethos of the business completely resonates with me and my life. It’s an amazing opportunity with the potential to change lives!

I am now on a mission to help other ladies start, and build, a fashion business that fits in with their life and offers them the flexibility to build the life THEY want.

Stella & Dot, Fashion, Stylist,

So that’s me… just me doing the best I can!

If you want to keep up to date just sign up here.


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