Breaking records

My own, not world ones – obvs!

Marathon training (did I mention I’m running a marathon in a few weeks?) is really stepping up now. After a week of missed training due to a cold, I have scrapped the cut back week and instead picked up on the week i missed…. Which ended with 16 miles!

I have NEVER, EVER run anywhere near that before!

But run it I did. Well, most of it.. owing to the tail end of my cold meaning that I still have a really irritating cough which just meant I needed to walk from time to time.Oh, and the biggest of the hills… I walked some and ran others.

It would be a fair summary to say that I was VERY pleased to finish!

It would also be a fair summary to say that I actually didn’t much enjoy the final 3 or 4 miles. I struggle to refuel on the go. I can’t take gels (warm, fruit flavoured snot… no thanks!) so have been trying shot blocks. They are fab to a point (as long as I cut them up before the run as they’re too big – mouth clearly not as big as some would have you believe!). I don’t get any tummy troubles with them and they taste pretty good, but I really do struggle to eat, run and breathe!

Happily my running buddy is back! Although I was pretty rubbish company incapable of offering much more than heavy breathing and the occasional incoherent sentence!


The smiles dropped the second the pic was taken!

Next weekend is 18 miles……. i can hardly contain my excitement!!


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