Almost time to taper

One more long run…. one more.. that’s all. Just one more.

But it’s 20 miles…. and that is a really, really LONG WAY! And more than a little bit scary.

If I’m honest, I’m ready to taper. Running on tired legs is no fun. Even the short runs are a drag and my enthusiasm is definitely starting to wane.

That said, the sense of achievement every time I finish another ‘longest run’ ever is better than I ever thought it could be. And that’s what’s keeping me going… only four more weeks, one (really) long run and a taper to go.

It’s probably time to wave goodbye to wine, beer and gin for the last few weeks. And up my game on my nutrition (not going to be easy when we currently have no kitchen!). And get a bit more sleep!

I’m looking forward to the marathon with equal parts excitement and fear. It’s not a distance to disrespect. The physical toll it takes can’t be underestimated but I’m running further than I ever dreamed possible already so I know I can do this.

What would be your top tips for a first marathon? And what ‘helpful advice’ can I politely disregard?



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