Being you – but bolder!

In my last post I fleetingly mentioned that I’d had an inspiring weekend away at something mysteriously called ‘HOOPLA’.

Hoopla is the Stella & Dot annual conference and this was my first one having only started my business earlier this year…

WOW! What an awesome weekend.

Now, I can’t lie. Standing in a hotel in Hammersmith with a roomful of strangers ay 8.30 on a Saturday morning, fortified only by a cup of coffee wasn’t the best way to start the day…. Especially when we were informed we were going to ‘learn the Hoopla dance’!

Those of you who know me well, imagine my face!

Organised fun? With strangers? In the morning? Without wine?

Determined as I was not to join in, I actually felt more of a tit NOT doing so and reluctantly caved. Never could I have guessed at that point that, by the end of the weekend, I would be spontaneously rocking the Hoopla Dance and taking it home to teach the kids! Alex, Danielle and the Stella & Dot Head Office crew you have A LOT to answer for!

Dancing aside, the weekend was a get together of Stella & Dot stylists from across Europe and provided an opportunity for us to learn, share and plan.

When we were told at the opening session it would be an emotional couple of days I was skeptical but actually in many different ways it really was.

As well as learning more about Stella & Dot and the future plans and direction for the business, and boy what an exciting future it’s going to be, what really benefitted me, was the inspiration that came from the women in the room. Here I was, new to the business and working it as little more than a hobby, surrounded by women who, over time, had built a flexible, fun, fashion business to replace corporate life. People have actually walked away from high profile careers in law and banking and built highly successful businesses taking style and freedom to women around the country.

The weekend wasn’t just about growing your business, it was about how to grow your LIFE! How to tap into those characteristics and traits that we often bury deep below the surface whilst we raise the children, look after the house and make sure life runs smoothly for those around us.

As someone who has always struggled with confidence, I loved being immersed in a positive and upbeat atmosphere and came away feeling ready to tap into some of what I had heard. To take positive steps, not just for my business but for me.

The key takeaways for me were:

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction

There is never the perfect time to do anything in life. You just have to remember your ‘Why’ and choose to take the actions, no matter how small, to move towards your goals whatever they may be.

Comparison is the thief of joy

We are all Wonder Women in our own way


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