The Early Bird…

Pass the sparkly smug pants… I’ve actually completed not one, but two, early morning workouts! By early I mean around 5am…

Daughter number 2  is currently having an active teething phase making her really unsettled for an hour or so at the crack of a sparrow’s fart (5am!). As a result, she’s been waking us up with her babbling coming through the monitor. As daughter number 1 is horrendous at staying in bed I have a strict, not before 7am rule for daughter number 2. Unless she is obviously in need of attention of course! If she’s just babbling or moaning, she stays in her cot, no negotiations, until 7am!

So, back to the early starts… Phil gets up early anyway – he’s usually gone by about 6.30. To try and let him have a few extra minutes peace I have been trying to take the monitor downstairs and use the time to workout. I’m awake anyway so I may as well do something useful.

And I have to say, there is something immensely satisfying in putting the coffee machine on at 5.45am knowing I have already done a tough weights workout! On both occasions it’s left me buzzing with energy and feeling pretty smug…. Not mention giving me a teensy bit of me time which even I don’t feel guilty about taking at that time of day!

I don’t find it easy and by 9.30 in the evening I am dog tired and grumpy. However, I have decided to establish this as a new ‘habit’. It seems a no brainer way to fit in some extra exercise given that I struggle to fit enough of it into the rest of the day and can’t run / workout in the evenings until about 8pm – making dinner stupidly late! – or I have to get a baby sitter… Which I do once a week but the cost adds up!

And so to the early birds out there… Hats off to you on your commitment! You’re right, it is a great time of day to train, but hand on heart… I’d rather be asleep!


1 thought on “The Early Bird…”

  1. I love getting my workout done in the morning. So so satisfying because I know by the evening any motivation to do something is gone and the sofa is calling me. It is hard to begin with to get used to it but once you’re doing it fairly regularly it’s much better. I find myself naturally waking up around this time now (though at the weekends I thankfully fall back asleep!!)


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