The Final Countdown

Eeek, that makes things sound WAAAAY more serious than they actually are. It is in fact, the final countdown to a few things just about now.

Most notably, my first born baby is off to school in a little under 2 weeks. How is that even possible? We’ve bought the uniform, had shoes fitted, arranged an ‘end of the week one’ treat and sewn in lots of name labels… Now all that remains, is to work out how the devil I am going to get us all out the house 10 minutes earlier every day! No doubt there’ll be more about that in future posts.

Another thing I’m on the final countdown to is a *significant* birthday. And it is terrifying me in a way a birthday NEVER has before. As I write this, I have exactly 11 weeks to go… Here are some thoughts about it:

  • Earlier this year I had plans to lose three stone by ‘that day’…I haven’t yet and it’s extremely doubtful I will now!
  • Recently I queried something with my (young) GP who told me it was ‘to be expected at my age’… Holy batman, I’ve now reached the age where my age becomes a perfectly logical medical response!
  • Until I look in the mirror, I feel 25 – WTF!
  • I work with people (ok, a person) who wasn’t even born when I left school….
  • I’ve been legal to drive, vote and drink alcohol for more than half my life…
  • I’ve had a mortgage for more than half my life..
  • I like Radio 2
  • I will NEVER achieve some of my ambitions.

On the upside:

  • I must now be approaching a time in my life where it’s perfectly acceptable to rudely say exactly what’s on my mind without filtering it?

**Actually, lets digress and test that… to the person who tried to destroy my family this last year – I may not be as young, slim or run as fast as you but I do have better hair, skin and attitude. Oh yeah, and you failed… again! (oops, sorry that was a bit unnecessary ;o)…….)**

  • I don’t remotely feel bad that most of the time I’d rather socialise with friends at home or in a restaurant than trek around overcrowded, overpriced, sweaty nightclubs with nowhere to sit down…… although that is still fun from time to time!
  • I accept that I will never be able to wear ‘that outfit’ but actually, I’m now too old and would look ridiculous anyway!
  • Being blonde, I hopefully won’t go grey :o)

Working on the theory that we rarely regret the things we DO, only the things we DIDN’T, I’ve decided to compile a sort of bucket list of things I’d like to do before November 2015.. I say ‘sort of’ because anything on it has to fit around a young family, working full time, a commuting husband and the usual financial pressures associated with the aforementioned young family! This means I won’t be planning to sail solo around the world, or clear off traveling for months (although…… just kidding!). Rather it includes personal targets, challenges, activities or actions that I’ve secretly had either for a long time or a little time.. And I’m not waiting for this November to get started as some of it will need a bit of planning and training!

So far, I have:

  • Run a sub 25minute 5km
  • Complete a triathlon (just a weeny one!)
  • Lose that three stone I mentioned earlier (OK, not by ‘that birthday’ but before the end of ‘that year’)..
  • Run a 50min 10km
  • Actually achieve the workout plan that is stuck ambitiously to my kitchen cupboard!
  • Find childcare and have a long overdue childfree weekend!
  • Get under 2:15 for a half marathon
  • Do more cross country running
  • Take the kids camping
  • And a secret one that I’m keeping (almost) completely to myself while I really mull it over!).. Watch this space…..

OK, I know it’s not a super exciting bucket list, and it’s not finished yet, but it kind of feels like I’m throwing down a gauntlet to actually achieve some stuff over the next 15 months… In reality that’s the exciting part, cos the last 15 months have pretty much just been about getting through! Turning 30 marked a massive turning point in my life and it’s ironic that 10 years on, whilst the circumstances are different, this has also been a pretty defining year one way or another!

What have been defining moments in your life?

How did you approach them?

Do you regret anything you have done or only the things you haven’t?



2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown”

  1. Woa someone tried to ruin your marriage??! That is terrible. I’m a big believer in karma so what goes around comes around in my eyes.
    I think your bucket list sounds perfectly fine! Bucket lists that are like “travel the world in a week!” or “jump out of a burning plane with no parachute” are just so unrealistic and prove what exactly? I think yours are meaningful and relevant to you and what makes you happy.
    I regret going to university, mainly because I don’t think it helped with job prospects. Ben didn’t go to uni and he’s doing amazingly. What if I had left college and started work straight away working my way up rather than living in the deluded dream that degree = career. I have been fully awoken from my naive dream in that respect!


  2. I know.. classy hey! And whilst planning her own wedding… Can’t see that lasting!

    Anyway….. It’s funny isn’t it, I kind of regret not going to university. I often feel a bit like people who went look down on me because I didn’t but in truth I just didn’t know what I wanted to study. I can remember my college tutors telling me how I’d never make anything of my life without more qualifications… I think maybe that made me even more determined to prove ‘them’ wrong! I think I’ve done alright.

    But at least it was an option for us.. I worry greatly about what will happen if my girls want to go to Uni (they haven’t even gone to school yet!). Not sure how we’ll fund them both going… have to sell a vital organ or something I expect!


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