Ups and Downs… then Ups again

So after proudly completing some early morning workouts recently and seeing it as a way forward, things went a little awry last week.

I did manage one early session and then later in the week I managed a decent run, core workout and stretch session before heading out for an afternoon at the races with some girlfriends.. And that is where it all went wrong!

We had a great day, a few wins on the horses and I think we all came away ‘up’. But inevitably, we’d had a fair bit to drink throughout the day. Having not been out on a ‘school night’ since coming back to work I was dreading getting through Friday. However, I was also quite glad that I had to deal with the relative quiet of the office rather than cope with two young, hyper children! I powered through, fuelled by dirty food and full fat coke but I can’t lie… I was SO relieved to hit the sofa once the girls were in bed!

Saturday was Phil’s turn to parkrun but it was also his turn to be horrendously ‘tired’ (read Hungover!). As a result, neither of us ran! When he surfaced (to a full cooked breakfast cooked by my own fair hands!), we briefly ‘discussed’ the jobs that needed to be done and I headed off to purchase some supplies for the next weekends birthday party. I’m not completely certain he was overly happy with the arrangement but needs must!

That afternoon, the planned family outing strawberry picking with friends became a Lily and Me outing while Flo slept and Phil tackled the bind weed! We had a lovely hour or so but I do wish the farm had a tea room as we’d happily have stayed to chat with our friends a little longer.

Healthy Haul

Returning home, Flo was still asleep so we headed out to assist with the rest of the weeding / tidying before heading in for dinner, bath and bed (for the girls) although in reality Phil wasn’t far behind.. Hangovers hit him hard these days!

Which brings us to Sunday – the day I woke up feeling utterly horrendous. Not sure why, just that level of tiredness that seeps into your bones and just makes you want to lie still and do nothing. Such a far cry from how fab I’d been feeling recently with the extra workouts.. unfortunately Phil did the most amazing impression of the deafest, most tired person in the world.. and so, once again, I got the early start with the girls. I missed the club’s long run as a result, though to be honest I wouldn’t have made it through the first mile!

Eventually, having struggled through the morning, I managed an afternoon nap and woke feeling a tad better although still pretty jaded. An early night was absolutely on the cards.

Monday came, and was your average working Monday.. But, as Phil had got home earlier than anticipated I swapped an 8pm run with some club mates for a 7.20pm solo outing.. and felt great! My fastest 5 miles in such a long time, possibly ever. My out and back route included a few hills – one of which is particularly evil. It was amazing the difference being 10 degrees cooler made.. And after Sunday’s exhaustion I was astounded by my time.

And so, I’m ‘up’ again. Hoping that the last run wasn’t a fluke but rather is a sign of improvements having been made running through the heat of a pretty decent summer.

Tuesday nights is club intervals night and I’m carrying a few aches already… but I’m looking forward to pushing myself again. Maybe, just maybe, I could start to target some decent times through the winter!


1 thought on “Ups and Downs… then Ups again”

  1. The time out with your friends sounds lovely! I love getting all dressed up and letting my hair down. I haven’t been able to do that recently at all because every weekend involved running and marathon training and if I drink it really affects my running the next day. Late nights as well. So my life has been so boring! Ben is like the iron man, he can drink and wake up and PB the next day. I’m very jealous!
    I know about these deaf periods that husbands have. Ben seems to suffer frequently when certain jobs needs to be done!


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