Wyvern 10km 2014 – a Marshals Perspective

6.30am on a warm Sunday morning and the alarm is going. The kids are asleep yet I’m getting up.. And I’m excited to be doing so.

I look forward to races but I get very nervous and apply massive pressure to myself. Today I’m not racing, the Wyvern 10km is the Hedgies race and we are marshalling. This is easily as exciting as racing without the nerves and pressure!

The Met Office forecast was dry and sunny, yet standing in the big top tent looking out at the pouring rain I’m really wishing I hadn’t put the washing out before leaving home!

Briefing done I gather my team, stock up on cake and we head off to our positions. We’ve got a busy part of the course and prepare ourselves for some unhappy motorists. Sure enough, the first few cars through the diversion are unhappy at being sent out of their way and speed off unnecessarily quickly.. Anyone would think they hadn’t been leaflet dropped or had advance warnings of the road closures!

Thankfully the vast majority of motorists were polite, compliant and very pleasant.

We were at the 1 & 9km point which was a great spot. We had music playing and danced the runners out and back. It was such a buzz watching everyone pass by. Seeing familiar faces, cheering total strangers and seeing how much effort every single runner, puts into each and every step of the race.

We had a fair few local residents join us to cheer the runners and bust a few moves!

As with everything I have ever done with Hedge End Running Club, it was a fabulously positive, supportive event.

Aside from Parkrun, I’ve never marshalled before but I really enjoyed it.. Not for the first time in the last few weeks I find myself thinking, that was brilliant, I’ll do that again next year!







1 thought on “Wyvern 10km 2014 – a Marshals Perspective”

  1. It was a great day wasn’t it? So cool to see ‘behind the scenes’ of a race and just how much organisation and prep needs to be done! Can you imagine organisation the London marathon?? Mental!! They must be up stupidly early to get things sorted for the day.


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