Endure24 The Second Year Part 3

The Team

Somehow I found myself in the peculiar position of ‘Team Captain’ of a ladies 8 team. It kind of happened by accident.

When Endure fever hit the running club, teams were being formed left, right and centre. Being of, at best, average ability I wasn’t exactly sought after – bringing back memories of being the last kid picked in PE at school! And so I decided to do my own team. Initially it wasn’t going to be a ladies team. The Husband had said he’d join and therefore we needed another man to make it a mixed team. Then, he got a better offer on a smaller team!

Anyhooo, to be honest, I can’t entirely recall how it happened but eventually Team WTF was formed. When Olive fell pregnant there was some swapping around and we welcomed Yvonne to the team. Fast forward almost a full year…

With a couple of weeks to go, it was time to plan. At this point I handed over captaincy of the team and we became more of a co-operative. I had little to offer beyond the experience of having been at Endure the year before. And after all, with 8 ladies there was never going to be a shortage of organisational / scheduling skills.

Thankfully our team has always been about enjoyment first and foremost. So with that in mind, and the Endure rules stating that each person in a team must complete a minimum of one lap, we pretty much had our plan sorted. The injured would complete their one lap, if they wanted to run more that was fine. Everyone else would do whatever they felt able to. Nothing was set in stone – Things could change depending on how the weekend was going.

I’ve commented previously about my fear of spending too much time with people I don’t know. And Endure was no different. Even the knowledge that last year had been fine and we had bonded well as a team didn’t ease my anxieties.

But I needn’t have worried…

Aided by prosecco, cider, a BBQ, some team hairstyling, tea and cake, there was plenty of time to bond and get to know each other. I was safe in the knowledge that at least one other person on the team is worse than me for being out of her comfort zone around too many people!

Throughout the weekend there were plenty of laughs, a few tears and some pretty dodgy photos. As a team we shared support, tissues, porridge and trainers! We ended tired and emotional but above all proud to have covered 125 miles…

Joining Julie, our last runner to run in to the finish with her was a pretty special moment.. and that sealed the deal for me…

I’ll be back next year!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this picture as a taster of this years silliness….


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