Can you sponsor a chemo care pouch?

As you may already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year sees the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon – something that has become a powerful symbol all over the world.


I would like to support this year by putting together, with your help, some sponsored Chemo Care pouches & delivering them to Cancer patients this October.
I would like to have these ready to deliver to the centre at the start of the month. I am doing this in collaboration with another member of my team who has raised thousands for this cause and will be delivering the filled pouches.
This is how it works….
1. I am asking for friends/customers to please sponsor a pouch of your choice (£19). 100% of my commission will then pay for all the goodies inside (lip balm, magazine/puzzle book etc). I am trying to get those donated too so that any remaining commission can be donated.
I will not and do not want to benefit at all financially!

2. If you are happy to sponsor one please pick the colour pouch & let me know by commenting or PM me.
3. You are welcome to add a message within it or it can be anonymous.
4. All pouches will be delivered to Breast Cancer Haven and Hazel Ward, Countess Mountbatten the beginning of October.
5. If you work for a company that have anything pouch sized that I could include & ladies would love then please get in touch.
6. THANK YOU! These acts of love and kindness will & do make the 🌎 a better place 💕

Please get in touch to sponsor your pouch and know you’re making a difference to someone’s fight!


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