It’s a family affair….

Early to bed and as prepped as I can be for my first (“I’m never going to do a”) marathon tomorrow I’m pondering how I got here.

I’ve always talked about the amazing people I train with. But actually, there is one person, above all others, without whom I wouldn’t be at this point. 

He’s put up with months of our lives being dictated by the plan, with me getting stroppy about bad runs, narky because I’m tired, snappy when the nerves have kicked in… and not once has he said “It was your choice to do a marathon”! (Something I’m ashamed to say I probably would have yelled at him if roles were reversed!)..

He’s missed opportunities to play golf, come home early to accommodate training and managed the girls brilliantly when they’ve had swimming or tennis at times that clashed with my running plans.

Today he juggled fitting our new kitchen with looking after the girls while I swanned off to Brighton to register for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow he’ll get up stupidly early, look after the girls all day whilst hanging around waiting for me to finish, and I dare say he won’t moan about that either. 

And the girls have been pretty cool too. They haven’t always liked me going out for another run… *picture screaming three yr old at front door wailing “I want Mummy” on more than one occasion! But they seem excited about tomorrow and I hope, if they learn nothing else, they’ll have seen that they can do anything if they set their heart and mind to it. 

It’s fair to say that this whole marathon experience has been a real family affair. 

Thank you Phil, Lils and Tink. LUL xxxx


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