Finding my sparkle…

The blog hasn’t just changed it’s appearance – the name has changed too.

I felt I needed something that more accurately reflected how things feel these days and what I’m likely to talk about here.

Happily I really feel I’ve turned a corner. It’s been a long old journey and there’s been more than a few bumps along the way. I have no doubt that I haven’t just woken up one day suddenly ‘better’. I’m sure to have periods of time that I find harder to deal with. But, as a whole, I feel well.

There is also no coincidence that this has happened within weeks of a medication review following blood tests that revealed my thyroid levels weren’t at the optimum level.. something which only came to light after my counselling sessions gave me the confidence to push my GP for answers instead of being fobbed off with excuses about my age, my busy lifestyle and young children being the reason I could barely function!

All round, the last few months have seen me take small, but many, steps towards getting well. And it’s paying off.



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