Phase Two Starts Here

Holy Batman – for months I’ve been nervously working towards a marathon and telling people, it’s fine, it’s not until next year.

Guess what??? It’s NOW next year and I am onto phase two of the plan.

I can’t lie, if I look at the plan on a week to week basis, it doesn’t look too bad. Sensible increases, cutback weeks, some cross training and a planned reintroduction of interval training which had been absent post Bournemouth to allow my injury to recover.

But… even looking at it week to week, I can’t escape that the whole plan….. WHOLE plan up to and including M-Day, fits on one landscape page of A4. And it’s not because it’s in a miniscule font size, there is simply, really not long to go!

Here begins 14 weeks of intense training which will, hopefully (trust in the plan and it’ll all be fine), see me complete the Brighton Marathon.

I never thought I’d even consider a marathon let alone willingly enter, and pay, for it! Of course, there is an element of fear – 26.2 miles is nothing to be sniffed at after all, but ultimately I am looking forward to getting stuck into the miles and seeing how my body reacts to the demands. I’m certain I will learn a lot about myself throughout the training – and about my training buddies! – and I hope those lessons help me with my other, probably more challenging quest for 2017!




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