Elton John once sang about Sorry being the hardest word… Sorry Elton, IMO it’s HELP!

Certainly, for me, help is one that sticks in my throat. I HATE having to ask. I was brought up to be self-sufficient and reliant – added to my stubborn nature, I would rather see everything fall apart around me than actually ASK for help! (Don’t be fooled though, whilst that happens I will complain loudly and repetitively about it!)..

Enter some of the best girls I could hope to call friends!

Over time, some of my closest girlfriends have cottoned on to my aversion to asking for help and have recently picked the most amazing times to just do it. By that, I mean they didn’t ask if I wanted help. They recognised a situation that I was really struggling to deal with and took action.

Ladies – you know who you are – Thank you!


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