True Colours

This is a post I planned to write in the spring/summer but for various reasons didn’t.

This year has been a funny one and I feel like it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster in many ways.

Early in the year I started a bit of a wardrobe cull – tired of having loads of clothes that; didn’t fit; didn’t suit; didn’t coordinate with other stuff etc etc it was time to bite the bullet.

A local stylist was recommended to me who specialises in colour. I have always been a huge fan of black. Deep down I know it’s not flattering on me but I like it. I feel safe in it. It’s guaranteed that I can find something to suit my ‘style’ in black. And I don’t stand out in it.

Nicola of My Personal Style came highly recommended and I felt it was time to explore colour a little more.I also decided it was time to explore how it might help me build some self confidence.

Nicola is utterly lovely. I visited her at her beautiful home in Hampshire where she has a lovely studio set up to put you at ease whilst you get out of your comfort zone.

We started with my make up – like most make ups I’ve had done (Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel and other John Lewis counters) the end result was somewhat more muted than I would like. But there were elements I loved, one being the foundation Nicola used. I really liked the coverage and could immediately see that the shade was far better suited to my skin tone. I’m a convert to this product after years of being a foundation whore!

Onto the colour assessment… as predicted it quickly became apparent that black is not in my palette! It turns out I am ‘light, cool and clear’. Essentially meaning I should stay away from black and embrace colours with blue undertones. This felt right as soon as we started going through the colour swatches. With me swathed in white we worked our way through a huge pile of colour swatches comparing the effect of different colours against my skin.

I came away with a palette of swatches to work from when shopping. And in fairness, the colours that I would be drawn to if I wasn’t such a black addict, are int here…. Along with some colours I’m not so keen on but I just ignore them.

I’ve really tried to reduce the amount of black I wear.. but old habits die hard and ultimately, I am drawn back to black time and again! It’s more noticeable in the winter, I successfully injected a little more colour over the spring and summer but now……

Well it’s back to my true colours – with hints of my palette colours where I can work them into a seasonal wardrobe that works with my personal style!

Have you ever visited a stylist? Did you enjoy the experience? What did you learn about yourself?

If you haven’t, would you consider it?


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