Progression time

Happy days – after a series of relatively pain free runs, and a level of training consistency being achieved, I feel like it’s time to start (gently) upping the miles.

My aim is to move from my current 6-9 miles a week to 17ish by the end of the year. That should put me in a decent position to move forward with the marathon plan over 15 or so weeks.

Unfortunately the recent reduction in my training has meant that The Husband has got out of the habit of being home in time for me to get to club training sessions. Although, in fairness, I have been off intervals so popping out for a steady run a bit later in the evening hasn’t been a problem. That said, I am starting to find it a little boring doing all my runs on my own so I am very much hoping that I’ll be able to snag a running buddy soon!

And there it is… a fairly dull round up for the week but I’m pleased it’s positive! (I could do a blow by blow account of how a heavy Friday night out followed by a ‘recovery day’ of dirty food, sweets and crisps, led to a very unhappy Sunday run… but I’m actually trying to forget exactly how bad it was in case it; A) puts me off having fun ever again; or B) makes me opt for a life of non running fun which my liver just couldn’t cope with!)..

Whatever you’re training for I hope it’s going well. And to those sidelined by injury… keep the faith. It WILL be alright in the end!


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