More about Hydro

My last post briefly touched on the new Hydro classes being offered by Virgin Active. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have been curious about the classes so thought I’d expand on it a little.

Firstly, this is NOT “Aquafit”. Any thoughts you may have about this being water aerobics are wrong… very, very wrong.

The best way I can describe it is as a really fast paced swimming lesson for grown ups. Or, if you’ve ever done a coached swim session with a Tri club (Hedge End Triathlon Club I’m looking at you!) then it’s very similar to that too.

Hydro is all about the swimming.  The warm up is usually 8 laps of crawl, 8 laps of a drill, 8 laps of breast stroke & 8 laps of another drill…. Note I said WARM UP – left to my own devices that would quite conceivably be my entire swim session!

Depending on the set devised by the instructor, the rest of the session is made up of a variety of drills designed to get you clocking up the laps whilst improving technique. It might be by the use of structured breathing patterns or by breaking down different swim strokes to correct bad habits or inefficiencies.

What can be guaranteed is, whether you’re an ‘ok’ swimmer or a really good one, you’ll be challenged to push yourself.

You will get the chance to try new strokes (last night we “learnt” butterfly….. “” is to signify that the term learnt can only be loosely applied to my end result) and different drills.

You’ll have fun – how can you not laugh when your attempts to carry out torpedo sculling result in the inhalation of serious amounts of water whilst you just about stay static in the water!

You’ll burn the kind of calories that most of us would never achieve in an average swimming session.

And the best thing is that the class changes every week. This stops it feeling repetitive or predictable and keeps the excitement of anticipating the class alive and well!

More personally, I have noticed an improvement in my technique, I sleep like the dead after a Hydro class and I am keeping my fitness up whilst allowing my running niggles to heal.

Have you jumped on the Hydro band wagon yet? 

Does it sound like the most fun you could have on a Monday night?



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