Training for Marathon Training

Having taken a step back, this week hails the start of training for the marathon training.

Apparently it is a mere 164 days until Brighton Marathon. In case you were wondering, that’s a smidge over 23 weeks… and that is, frankly, terrifying!

But I’m not panicking. Due to having a niggly right arse cheek which gets worse, then better, then worse again during the course of a run, I took a small step back following Bournemouth half. Happily it coincided with a few manic weeks which were anything but conducive to maintaining training.

This week saw me head for the pool for a Hydro session which I am very much hoping will be a useful addition to the training plan. If you aren’t familiar with Hydro classes you can read more about them here. The theory behind including this in my training is to provide a challenging cardio workout as well as adding a form of cross training to build my strength and endurance ahead of the mileage ramping up.

An added benefit would be that it will help me address current niggles (arse cheek I am – metaphorically – looking at you!) and fend off new ones.

As for running – well I managed a little 3 miler on Tuesday. It was neither fast or particularly comfortable and, until I can run with less / no pain in my right glute, hamstring calf, I’ll be sticking with distances that just keep my legs ticking over and allow the hydro, yoga, pilates and perhaps even a little weight training do their healing!

What are your top tips for being fit for marathon training?



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