Time for some accountability

As happens so often, once I achieve a particular goal, I promptly lose focus and self sabotage my efforts! Will I never learn?! šŸ˜‚

This time, having completed the Bournemouth Half a few weeks ago, I then had a manic time with work, kids, illness and a slight niggle in my right leg. Running took a back seat which, initially, wasn’t too much of a problem, but after a couple of weeks it’s started to show! 

Sunday saw me struggle round a 5 miles training run during which I could feel every ounce I’ve gained whilst slacking on training. My leg felt uncomfortable and I simply couldn’t imagine that I’d enjoy one second of the GSR I was planning to do next weekend. 

And so, I have made a decision. This week is going to be anothe training write off. I’m away at an exhibition for the first half of the week then Mr C heads to Milan for the football as soon as I get back. I need to focus on getting back on track with a training plan, eating well and sleeping enough. Instead of struggling through the GSR and being annoyed at myself when I don’t achieve my goal, I’m opting out. 

Instead I am going back to the drawing board with my training. From next week I’m committing to including more swimming as it pays off massively for my fitness. I’m going back to Pilates and (when I can) yoga, I’m going to get back to club interval training and I’m going to run regularly. This usually naturally leads to my eating habits improving – almost without effort. 

My focus is to get fit, resolve the niggly injury and get myself in the best possible position for marathon training when it starts.

And to hold myself accountable I’m going to blog a recap of my training each week.  It’ll be pretty dull to most but the aim is just to focus myself and make myself accountable. 

But for this week… It’s work, kids and probably a fair bit of wine!!  


2 thoughts on “Time for some accountability”

  1. Keep going Liz! Focus on the good stuff you’ve done šŸ™‚ you’re always so good at early morning runs, wish I could get up like you and get out! X


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