Potty Training……

My girls never cease to amaze me. As much as they share incredible similarities, they are also like chalk and cheese. 

But one thing that is clear is both display (different) but obvious personality traits from Daddy.

The big one at the moment is the little one’s refusal to do something that she is capable of but just won’t try… I am talking about potty training. 

At this point I should make it clear that Daddy IS toilet trained!! 

The point is, she is ready but she just won’t try. Why? Well, I strongly suspect it’s partly the result of me banging on about accidents and not making a mess – she is a remarkably fastidious two year old! I need to chill the hell out! 

But it’s more than that.. 

You see Daddy doesn’t tend to do stuff that he doesn’t know he can do well. I have no idea why. It’s just his personality. If he knows he’ll be good at something – even something new – he’s there. But if there’s the remote possibility that he won’t be instantly brilliant at something he’s unlikely to try. 

And that… That is a trait I truly believe Flo shares. At almost three she is perfectly ready and able to start wearing big girl pants. And she has said she will when we run out of nappies. But…. She’s nervous of failure. 

I’m not rushing her. And I can actually be quite patient with the whole ‘Mummy I wet myself’ / ‘Mummy I know we are in the worst possible place for this but I need a wee RIGHT.NOW!!’ So she doesn’t really need to be worried. 

We’ll crack it together and she’ll be great. 

And something else she shares with Daddy? 

Frowning in photos! Nicknamed Frowny Phil by our wedding photographer, I can confirm I also have a Frowny Flo! 


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