Time to man up and lace up!

It’s fair to say that the knock on impact of my recent virus has taken an inordinate amount of ‘getting over’! 

In keeping with my all or nothing personality, I embraced comfort food and wine whilst I was unable to run and quickly consigned MFP to my list of things to do… Tomorrow! After all, what’s the point of tracking if I wasn’t training! 

Combined with the end of Lent and the subsequent availability of chocolate the waistline that was started to re-emerge (a little) soon started to disappear again. 

Illness aside, work has been manic, the kids have been testing and home has been chaotic due to renovations really getting going. For someone far more comfortable with being in control than going with the flow, this is NOT a happy combination. 

So getting back to running was proving VITAL! For my sanity, marital harmony and for the sake of my mini-me’s – it turns out a non running mummy is a grumpy mummy! 

The support crew having brekkie in the car

North Dorset Villages Marathon relay last bank holiday weekend proved a good catalyst to at least dust off the trainers and put a few miles in. And then the event itself.. Really well organised and a picturesque route. Aside from the niggly arse-ache I had during my leg of the race, it made for a pleasant restart to my training. 

Help up the final hill of my relay leg

The week after the relay was The Husbands birthday so training took a slightly back seat. I just did enough to keep the legs ticking over. 

Last weekend saw me tackle Gung-Ho together with Sam (from work), his girlfriend, Lauren and my SIL, Sarah as a late stand in. 

Great fun! The usual support crew were being managed by the FIL so Lily became nominated photographer. A few of her snaps….

Early doors Sunday saw me take to the road bike for around 16 miles which was a lovely reminder of how much I enjoy being out on the bike, as long as I am on the right roads with the right ride leaders! No photos of that purely because the camera wouldn’t focus!! 

And so it was back to training tonight.. A slightly longer than planned run combined with 800m intervals but a good stretch of the legs and nice to feel like I’m back! And it was fabulous to be back with the usual intervals crew – who are as far as ever! 


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