It was almost a great race!

That picture pretty much sums up this post!

Utterly gutted! Training had all gone SO well, I was in love with running again and I felt strong. 

Around 5 weeks ago The Husband and the youngest mini-me got a virus. It was, undoubtably a nasty one. The Husband was off work for almost a week (& despite man-flu jokes, he actually doesn’t take time off sick so he must have been poorly) and we ended up at the hospital with the littly as she needed antibiotics and steroids. 

Selfishly I tried as hard as possible to keep my distance. I couldn’t get sick and mess up the training! Alas, I clearly should have moved out as, having thought I’d escaped it, I started to feel really shabby two weeks before race day. 

Copious quantities of lemon & honey drinks, Berocca (yuck!), paracetamol and as much rest as I could realistically get failed to beat the germs and as the two weeks reduced to one week, I was feeling worse and not better. 

Despite that I was determined not to give up the hope of waking up feeling right as rain before race day… Errrrr, negative. In fact, a day spent at an air conditioned venue for a conference on Friday actually made me feel worse and by the evening my tonsils were swollen, I was aching & feeling shocking -again. 

Saturday had to be decision day. There are two schools of thought here. 

  1. I ‘run’ and just focus on getting round.
  2. I pull out.

I chose 2. And I cried as I messaged my brilliant running buddies and my training partner to tell them. This has never happened before so I’m taking it as a sign that I really am back in love with running!

I could have chosen 1 but mentally it would have done me more harm than good. Not to mention that being ill with 2 young kids is a luxury I can’t afford so pushing myself to complete 13.1 mediocre miles wasn’t worth the risk of making myself worse. 

Some may see it as a poor excuse. I can assure you, sitting watching VMLM when I should be out running, hearing the amazing stories of the masses – many of whom are running 26.2 miles with proper health problems, not a stupid cough and cold – I have had a proper talk to myself. 

BUT.. I need running to stay a positive thing and not become what it has been over the last two years. And ‘just getting round’ wouldn’t have supported that aim. 

So, I sit waiting to hear how Jenna and co got on. I hope she had the race we were on track for. She deserves it cos we worked for it!! 

I wonder, will 2017 be third time lucky and the year I finally, actually run Southampton Half?!


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