Maxing the pre race mileage

Today was a long run. In fact I’ve decided not to do this distance again before the race as I had a few niggles in the last mile and can’t afford for them to become a bigger issue!

But hey, 12 miles is a good enough distance to be confident in my ability to do the half in three weeks. 

Running with, my now regular, training buddy was a key factor in keeping the legs going. We remain perfectly matched, needing a similar distance to settle in and get comfortable, able to push the pace a touch from time to time and, crucially, keeping each other mentally focused. 

There was a point in today’s run that I started to feel really nauseous… For about 1/4 of a mile I really struggled with the possibility of hurling at any moment. If I’d been on my own, I’d have panicked and probably abandoned the run. With Jenna, that wasn’t an option. She didn’t know I felt sick but there was no way I wanted to ruin her run so I kept going. Gradually the feeling eased. 

It’s funny the random thoughts you have when running. And it would appear it’s not just our pace that is well matched. 

I mentally questioned the benefits of an ice bath after a long run… 5 minutes later, Jenna asked if I ever used them for recovery. 

Similarly, I’d been sub consciously questioning the wisdom of doing the half with a pacer given how well our training has gone so far. What if it made me panic? What if I needed to start slower? What if….

And lo and behold, the question was posed as we struggled up Gaters Hill. Apparently I wasn’t alone in having doubts and so we have decided to do our own thing. It’s worked brilliantly so far and we all know you NEVER change things on race day! 

It also occurred to me that finding the ‘perfect training partner’ is a little like dating! With Jenna I have finally found someone who, at the moment, perfectly matches my pace and ability. We happily run in silence for miles but equally chat about all sorts of stuff. It’s taken me a while to find someone that I could run with without worrying that I’m holding them up or feeling the need to hold back a bit. 

I still need to train out of my comfort zone on intervals and tempo runs and my family commitments together with Jenna’s work pattern mean I rely on club runs and others for those sessions. But for “easy” and long runs, we are a great match. 

So there we have it… The last of the big mileage training today. There’ll be an 8-10 miler next weekend but after that it’s taper time. And I can tell you my legs are ready for that!!! 

How’s your training going? 

Are you at / close to taper?

How do you find it running with others? 


1 thought on “Maxing the pre race mileage”

  1. Well done Liz! Sounds like you and Jenna are a great match. I personally prefer to run on my own for my long runs purely because I’d be worried of holding the other person back or going too fast, and then I just start overthinking it all whereas when I’m on my own I can just relax into it. That said, I have run with a similar paced friend and it was fun to chat away. But I do prefer it on my own!


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