Mile Reps – that I can’t quite believe happened…

Sorry for another dull running post but I feel refreshed to be able to share positives after a whole year of running related disappointment!

Last night was mile reps at club. Designed as a short but intensive session you basically run a mile at your ‘best 5km pace’ take 1 or 2 minutes to recover then crack on again. Times 3…. or 4 for the super fit!

Last time I did this session I was pretty chuffed with my results but it’s been a while. This time, I was training on tired legs having taken the (rash) decision to recover from Sunday’s 10 miler with a 50 minute swim session full of drills which left me exhausted and suffering serious swunger on Monday night! Followed by a busy day at work with a VERY late lunch..

Anyhooooo, LOOK WHAT I DID!!Ā Can you tell I’m just a little bit chuffed??

160315_mile reps 8mm

The key splits are 2 and 4…Your eyes do not deceive you, they are both 8 min miles… for someone who has only recently started dipping into the 9 minute miles, this is immense!

You would be quite correct in pointing out that there are only 2 mile reps but I’ll refer you back to my ‘tired legs’… I did start a third but basically had nothing left! I got round the corner and started to feel all sorts of wrong. I turned round and walked back to let the session leader know I wasn’t continuing (giving her a mild heart attack at the same time as we’d just discussed the relative merits of attempting a third rep!) and decided enough was enough. A gentle jog home (at 9 min mile pace :o) …. “gentle”!!) and I’m very glad that today is a rest day.

I will be giving it another go as I’m sure I could do 3 and I want to prove it to myself. But for now, in balance, it was better to reduce the session by one lap than risk a fatigue related injury…



1 thought on “Mile Reps – that I can’t quite believe happened…”

  1. Amazing, well done! And none of this ‘only’ two mile business – that’s a big chunk of distance to be doing an interval at! Doing an entire mile at an uncomfortably fast pace is bloody hard work. One of the main reasons I don’t do intervals… I just hate that painful feeling. I hate 5ks as well and only do them as a parkrun! Well done for being sensible as well šŸ™‚


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