Trust in the plan – halfway to the Half

By sheer coincidence I decided to do a HM training recap today and, on checking the countdown, I find that I’m halfway through already!

Touch wood that the progress continues to go as well as the first 6 weeks have gone.. I haven’t missed a single scheduled run (although I have tweaked the plan from time to time to fit with, well, life!).

Intervals are proving to be a really beneficial part of the training. I’ve built from not being able to do a single set of both hills at the start of the year to completing FOUR sets last week. One of my biggest thrills about this is that I am running with a group of amazing runners from our club and, whilst I am WAAAAAAY slower than the rest, I have finally achieved the same number of sets as many of them. One of the aspects I love about running with this particular group is their encouragement for each other irrespective of the individuals ability within the group.

Below are the splits for the four sets… I cannot put into words how tough those hills are but I’d encourage you to go and find out for yourself!

160308_4 Big Hills

This weekend saw me tackle my longest run in a year. The plan said 8 miles but a friend wanted to do 10. I’d messed her about over whether or not I was available to enter a local 10 mile race with her and, in the end the race was full and we couldn’t get a place. So I committed to do 10 miles of the Southampton HM route with her instead.

Despite being offered a late place in the full 10 mile race by someone who could no longer run it (and being encouraged by a fellow club member to “ditch me” to take the place), Jenna stuck to our plan.

Prep for the run was less than ideal. Flo was up from around 2.55am on Saturday morning, was non-specifically unwell all day and then threw up all over me on Saturday evening…. Thankfully it was a one off (probably because she was soooooo tired from her early start!) but I did fear that I would be pulling another all-nighter and wouldn’t be able to run on Sunday.

Happily Sunday brought a clear, sunny day albeit a tad chilly. I collected Jenna and we headed for the Itchen Bridge to get started. The run was perfect! Nice pace, perfect conditions, we didn’t even have to stop for traffic when we were crossing roads. We discovered we are actually really well matched for pace at the moment and, as you can see from the splits below, were knocking out consistent sub 10 min miles… The three that were over 10 were all the uphill sections, including Itchen Bridge – twice!

HM Training 1st 10 miler


Finishing at 1:38 for the planned 10 miles left us both feeling elated. And very happy that the training is on plan. Obviously there is always the chance that things won’t be so perfect on race day but in terms of psychological training, this has put us both in a great place.

Off the back of that run, and with 6 weeks training left, I have set myself three race day aims:

  1. Enjoy the race. I hated pretty much every race in 2015 and I need to break that pattern.
  2. Start with the 2:10 pacers and see how it feels. That would be a really good PB time for me.
  3. The ultimate – if things feel good – consider pushing on for a sub 2:10 (and daring to dream….. a 2:00…)

So, if all else fails I’ll be aiming for 1… but who knows, maybe, just maybe, if the stars align, the weather is perfect and I’m on form, I might even be able to sneak in with goal number 3.

For now though, my priority is to stick with the plan and NOT focus too much on number 3!

How’s your training going? Are you on track? Are you daring to dream?


2 thoughts on “Trust in the plan – halfway to the Half”

  1. Well done Liz! Keep it going for a few more weeks and you’ll smash your goal (and I think surprise yourself in the process!)


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