What a week!

This last week was a random mix of loveliness and whatever the complete opposite would be called! And through the week I had a number of ideas for blogs… None of which I wrote down and so, of course, none of which I can now remember!

On Thursday I was hugely surprised to hear that I have made it to the final 3 of the Southampton Venus Awards, Employee of the Year category. Surprised because this was a public vote and, to be quite honest, I didn’t expect that many votes! So thanks to all who took the time to vote. The winner is announced at the awards dinner in April…. Better get myself a new frock!

I even got a certificate!   
In other news, the HM training is nicely on track although I had to skip a tempo session this week, I just couldn’t juggle the week enough to squeeze it in. 

The swim course with Hedge End Tri Club is still getting me in the water every Sunday morning and is proving great cross training. I’m noticing a real improvement in my swim style but, more importantly for me, my confidence to push myself in the drills. I now feel less like I’m on the verge of drowning! Today’s session finished with sprints… Initially off a minute and then off 45 seconds. Whilst my stamina needs work, I can blitz out 200m of pretty respectable sprint / recoveries and I really enjoyed it!

Away from sport, we are now into Lent. I decided to give up chocolate and Lily had decided to give up sweets – all her own idea and so far I am amazed how well she’s sticking to it! 

In addition to abstaining from chocolate, The Husband and I have decided to undertake a Lent challenge to declutter. Every day each of us are taking one item from our wardrobe to go in the charity bag.. And we are doing the same for house ‘stuff’. By Easter we should have a substantial pile of charity donations along with tidier wardrobes and a less cluttered house! 

And of course, there’s always work. It’s been a full on week – even with a days disruption due to my childminders children being poorly meaning I had Flo with me for a day. As ever when these things happen, I am reminded how lucky I am to be working where I do. Taking Flo to work for a few hours was not a problem and allowed me to prepare for an exhibition we had this week. Then, armed with toddler and laptop, I headed back to work from home as much as Flo would allow. 

I saw this quote this week (I had seen it before but it seemed timely that it popped into my Twitter feed this week).. And it pretty much sums up how I see my employers approach to business. 

Next week I pledge to write down my blog ideas as I have them… So hopefully the next post will be more focused and less of a rambling summary of the week!!

In the meantime, happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re being treated.. I certainly am. The Husband has taken the girls swimming whilst I have a bit of peace and use the time to thrill you all with my super exciting week! 😜


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