Game Face…

Unfortunately, I tend to be a bit of an open book when it comes to my feelings.. I may not always say what’s on my mind but 9/10 times it’s generally pretty much written all over my face! 


With that in mind imagine how hard I had to work recently when going through an external audit at work… 

Now, if you know me personally, you’ll know I used to work for an audit firm. I think that gives me a pretty good appreciation of the fact that, to be a good auditor you don’t have to be a total arse! Unfortunately, our auditor wasn’t familiar with this concept. 

I know their role is to challenge. I accept that and, bearing in mind that we had voluntarily opted for the certifications we were being audited for, as a company we expected to be scrutinised. 

What I hadn’t bargained for was the offensive nature that I would have to endure during the three day visit. I should have been more prepared having already suffered 3 days late in 2015 but I’m a bit daft and (almost) always believe the best in people! 

Granted this visit he was no longer banging the desk every two minutes to ’emphasise his point’ – nothing to do with me calling him on it last time I’m sure! But he was patronising beyond belief and I spent three days being spoken to in a manner more appropriate to a naughty school child in Victorian times! 

The final insult came when, having begrudgingly accepted that actually, I and my colleagues had worked our collective asses off for two months and had actually done a pretty good job (I swear he nearly choked on his words!), he then asked if I had returned to employment because being self employed was too hard…..

Seriously?? WHAT THE F*#K?!

Worse still, I actually felt the need to justify myself to him!

I can only imagine that the word written bold across my face was akin the the ‘C-Bomb’ dropped by a colleague with reference to our esteemed visitor.. And by someone I wouldn’t have expected to use such colourful phraseology!!

And the point of this? Well, apart from the disappointing sense of anti-climax at having been successful in our certifications but the message having been delivered in a way that took all sense of achievement away… 

I guess the point is, I need to work on my game face…one day it’s going to get me into trouble!!!


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