About flaming time…

…. That I had a truly awesome training session!

With injury and life getting in the way of training properly for most of last year, I have recently been focussing on just getting out regularly. It’s been tough, slow and not actually that much fun. 

Until last night…

It was cold. Bloody freeze the balls off brass monkeys type cold. However, I LOVE cold weather and I LOVE running in the cold. I grant you there is a fine line…. I’m not so keen on running on frozen, slippery footpaths. I don’t need help to hurt myself! 

Last night was perfect. Around zero I reckon and the cars were starting to frost up as I set off to meet the running club at MacD’s…. (The irony is not lost on me!)

The plan was 3 X 1 mile reps (actually just shy of a whole mile but near enough) with 2 minutes recovery. Having warmed up on the way there, a friend who was returning from illness checked my planned pace.. She’s a bossy one! I told her I’ve been managing 9:30/10:00mm recently which she somehow turned into the suggestion she would pace my for 9:15… Errrr, okay…

Three of us set off and the plan was 2/3 of the (almost) mile lap steady at the 9:15 and the final 1/3 at ‘flat out’. 

First lap went well and I stormed off for the final push. Ouch!! It was a tough finish and I feared I’d peaked too soon.. My training partners had other ideas though… A little extra encouragement on the second and third laps was much appreciated and this happens!!!

I couldn’t believe it, negative splits AND all three laps under 9mins. I was amazed and SO chuffed. I’d never have done it alone – the power of training in a group (& with a bossy friend).

Heading off towards home I decided it had been such a great session I’d tag on a bit extra to make the full run up to 5miles. 

I can’t lie, I was over the moon to finish having taken 5 WHOLE MINUTES off my recent 5 mile time….

So, having banked some pretty decent mile times and proven what I can do, it’s clearly time to stop being such a lazy arse and push myself a little harder when training alone…. 

These legs clearly have more to give! 


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