The trouble with swimming…

…. Is if you stop, you drown!

Since completing a couple of Tri’s last year my swimming has improved. A bit!

In September 2014 I couldn’t even do a length of crawl… Breaststroke I could pootle along for a fair while.. But proper swimming was a whole other story!

I panicked when I put my face in the water, completely unable to cope with water up my nose. And as for breathing, SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!! 

But I persevered and eventually, sporting a nose clip and looking a total tit doing so, I got past total panic and could splash and splutter my way through the 400m necessary for the pool swim leg of the tri’s! 

Having achieved that I was keen to improve my swim… It’s something I can do late in the evening of I can’t get to run at a decent time, plus it’s amazing for your cardio fitness! And so, my bro who purchased me a Tri race entry for my 40th, stumped up for a course of swimming lessons as a Christmas present. 

Two lessons in, I’m loving it. Without a shadow of a doubt I have improved my form and, hopefully the remaining 4 weeks will see that continue. 

I’m enjoying the weekly challenges and it’s another stretch of my comfort zone boundaries… I’m almost looking forward to the lake opening in the spring and getting the chance to try out my new skills in the open water!

So, whilst improving my swim, I can’t get away fromthe fact that, if I’m running I can walk, cycling – I can walk but swimming, well…. There’s not much choice but to keep swimming is there!!!


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