Feeling comfy

Apparently good stuff happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone… Well, this has certainly been a week for that!

First up was a filming I had to do.. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more details soon but for now, suffice to say, I’m not good being the centre of attention. I find being photographed tough never mind being filmed. 

Half way through I started to get really nervous and the shakes set in.. I’m sure it will show through in my voice! 

And secondly, was an unusual finish to the working week. A team building away day at Battlefields Live in the New Forest. 

Whilst I enjoy certain sports I’m not a massively outdoorsy person. Ok I run and occasionally cycle. In the summer I’ve been known to do a little open water swim now and then and of course I used to dive a lot.. But I don’t really get out and about the countryside too much. An occasional welly walk with the girls but that is about it.

The team building day was split into two challenges.. The first a series of low ropes, high ropes and problem solving challenges (silent prison break for example!). The second was the battlefields laser combat in the woods near Bucklers Hard. 

The Cunning Stunts Team

The first challenge on the low ropes was really good fun, it got us all thinking and communicating and we successfully completed it with a minimum of faults. It also took my mind off the cold! 

We then swapped with the other team and headed off for a few team challenges in the woods.. 


  Before tackling the leap of faith…


For perspective, this is a colleague on the platform, pic taken from the ground.


The biggest question the ropes session would answer is: Am I scared of heights? Having never really considered that question or done anything like this before I had no idea if I was or not…

The answer was mostly not.. But a slack line on the high ropes quickly exhausted my legs and arms and I met my limit half way across!

After a pub lunch (can highly recommend Montys Inn at Beaulieu) it was off for combat!

Cold, muddy but lots of fun. Even if it did confirm I’m basically a really crap shot!!! 

That said, by the end of the last game – pitch dark in the woods defending our post – I was one of only two of our team who survived to the bitter end and I did manage to take a few people out when the opposition attempted to storm our position!

All in all a challenging week – which ended with the second session of the swim course I’m currently doing… More challenges but that will get its own post!

I honestly can’t remember feeling more tired than I did when I hit the sofa Friday night… I knew it was bad when I finished my wine and didn’t have the energy to go to the kitchen for a refill!!

All in all though, a fab week and I have reminded myself that sometimes being a bit scared is a good thing….. I’ve also learnt I’m currently far too heavy for my weedy arms!!! 😳

How do you feel about being out of your comfort zone? 

What have you done to test yourself lately? 


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